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Civil construction & commercial landscaping services

King’s Landscaping Group builds powerful outdoor spaces and infrastructure for everyday Victorians. We deliver once-in-a-generation commercial landscaping projects such as city centre upgrades, world-class sports grounds and state of the art education facilities. Read More

We throw the spotlight on our great Australian landscape, with commercial landscaping services including earthworks, concreting, paving and kerbing, stonework, turfing and planting and finish off with features such as street furniture, sculptures and signage.

Well-known for producing Geelong’s most sophisticated landscapes, our commercial landscape services have state-wide presence, extending into Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our commercial landscaping work is featured across city centres, parks and playgrounds, education facilities, residential developments, transport links and other sectors in the community.

We also manage a busy schedule of landscape maintenance clients throughout Geelong and Melbourne, ensuring their outdoor spaces stay green and continue to make an impact long after the last plant goes in the ground.

We build powerful outdoor spaces.

We are capable. We deliver million-dollar commercial landscaping projects, with robust project management processes, workers and machinery to make it happen quickly and safely.

We are committed and results driven. We stick to program and budget, measuring our success on time, cost and execution.

We are known for our quality landscapes. We have a reputation for producing finishes that match the high-end results found in a boutique backyard.

We hand-pick our people. Our core team of project managers, landscapers and administrators has been working together for many years; they love what they do.

We have personality. We are a modern and vibrant company; forming strong partnerships comes quickly and naturally to us.

We also design and construct high-end landscapes for residential and private homes throughout the Geelong region. Find out more about domestic landscape services from our partner company, King’s Landscaping Design & Construction.

Commercial landscapers

King’s Landscaping Group is just that; a group of passionate people each with our own area of expertise. We work closely together on every landscape project and give each client our full commitment and resources.

We talk to everyone; we communicate weekly, daily, hourly. We avoid the, ‘It’ll be right’ approach and don’t let things sit unresolved.

Our leaders instil openness and transparency into all of our commercial landscaping operations. From our written submissions and tender interviews, through to the last plant or paver being laid, we implement our no-surprises approach for clients and builders consistently on every project.

Our project managers, commercial landscapers and apprentices are trained and push themselves to uphold personal and company standards. Our commercial landscaping and landscape maintenance teams are experienced working with local councils, businesses, schools and clients at all levels.

King’s has built up a respected community of suppliers, subcontractors, surveyors and engineers. We call on our wider team to ensure that our civil construction services are efficient, high-quality and timely.

We invite you in to look around King’s, and to contact us for your next commercial or civil landscape project.


The power of a landscape is such that it can determine the level of success on any commercial development. The outside space is the first and last thing visitors experience…Read More


King’s play a key role in civil construction projects by stamping them with our powerful outdoor spaces. Our skills, high-quality finishes and reliability make us the preferred commercial landscaper by several of Australia’s largest civil construction companies. They come back to partner with us time and time again. Read More

We hand pick which projects to tender for based on our skills and experience. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us to discuss your upcoming project.

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Commercial landscapers & civil construction services King’s is a well-recognised name in the landscape industry. We are proud to deliver a professional and high-quality landscape service for Victorians, turning ordinary infrastructure into powerful outdoor spaces. King’s Landscaping Group was founded…
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Well-known for producing Geelong’s most sophisticated landscapes, our commercial landscape services have state-wide presence, extending into Melbourne and regional Victoria.
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