/Civil construction for Deakin University Ampitheatre, Geelong

Responding to demand for infrastructure due to growth in student numbers at Deakin, King’s built a highly anticipated and much-talked about amphitheatre to add to the campus’ versatile facilities.

Complete with wi-fi connectivity, the space is used by students and staff for events and concerts, meetings, an outdoor study location or simply eating lunch in the sun. Read More

Partnering with Civilex Victoria, the amphitheatre civil construction project involved:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete seating, walls and edging
  • Three types of paving for pathways
  • Spreading and compacting of crushed rock/granitic gravel
  • Instant turf and cultivation
  • Mulch and garden beds
  • Irrigation
  • Tree protection works
  • Installation of tactiles, anti-skates, staineless steel handrails and timber wheelchair guide
  • Commercial landscape maintenance.