/Elements Childcare Centre landscaping project in Torquay

Elements Childcare was built in 2017 to service the rapidly expanding outer suburbs and towns around Geelong.

A brand new development, King’s was responsible for building a creative, safe and educational outdoor space for the early learners.

We project-managed a tight schedule, working through the Christmas break to ensure that the outdoor space was fully functional in time for the new school year. Read More

Spanning over 740 square metres, the commercial landscaping project featured:

  • Synthetic lawn and soft-fall
  • A sandpit with large tee-pee over the top
  • A timber arbour with branches on the top for shade
  • All areas lined with tree stumps
  • Chicken run with shelters at either end
  • A hand pump for children to pump water and trickle back through a rock creek bed
  • Interchangeable walls for musical instruments and other tactile activities
  • A timber, double sided kitchen with oven slots
  • Veggie garden shelter.