0.1Civil construction for Deakin University Ampitheatre, Geelong

Responding to demand for infrastructure due to growth in student numbers at Deakin, King’s built a highly anticipated and much-talked about amphitheatre to add to the campus’ versatile facilities.

Complete with wi-fi connectivity, the space is used by students and staff for events and concerts, meetings, an outdoor study location or simply eating lunch in the sun. Read More

Partnering with Civilex Victoria, the amphitheatre civil construction project involved:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete seating, walls and edging
  • Three types of paving for pathways
  • Spreading and compacting of crushed rock/granitic gravel
  • Instant turf and cultivation
  • Mulch and garden beds
  • Irrigation
  • Tree protection works
  • Installation of tactiles, anti-skates, staineless steel handrails and timber wheelchair guide
  • Commercial landscape maintenance.

0.2Lt Malop St laneways refurbishment & commercial landscaping, Geelong

King’s was proud to be picked to work on our home-city’s CBD transformation. As part of the council’s Revitalising Central Geelong project, the laneways received a complete streetscape upgrade with brand-new footpaths, trees and planting, street furniture, public art and lighting. Read More

We laid thousands of square metres of high quality Australian bluestone, old cracked and uneven pavement and kerbing. The footpaths were widened, creating a plaza effect for pedestrians and to enable traders to offer alfresco dining areas for customers. The introduction of in-ground trees and planter boxes also added shade, shelter and greenery to the space.

The result is a completely revamped shopping precinct, as well as adding a long overdue safe space to Geelong’s lively nightlife.

King’s Landscaping Group provided the commercial landscaping services, including:

  • streetscaping
  • installing bluestone commercial paving
  • granite kerbs
  • installing street furniture
  • installing planter boxes and trees
  • commercial landscape maintenance.

0.3Commercial paving for main street refurbishment in Warrnambool, Victoria

One of our largest commercial paving projects in terms of duration and complexity was a $1 million upgrade to Warrnambool’s CBD. We relocated a team to the city to carry out the once-in-a-generation landscape project, completely transforming the city’s main street. Read More

A two-stage project spread over two years, King’s meticulously laid more than 8000 square metres of Australian bluestone, equivalent to around 30 tennis courts.

Stage 1 saw the top end of Liebig St completely demolished. The old uneven, concrete footpaths were replaced with high-end Australian grade bluestone supplied by local firm, Bamstone. Over nine months, our team laid more than 6000 m2 of bluestone paving, cobbles, kerbing, trees and street furniture.

Stage 2 completed in August 2018 saw the bottom half of the main street overhauled and refreshed with new wide bluestone footpaths creating a plaza-type space.

As with all of our commercial paving projects, the installation took careful planning with precision set out and levels, factoring in service pit lids, shop fronts, kerbing and parking bays.

Our no-fuss team collaborated with hundreds of on-site personnel and trades, completing night works where necessary and thriving under community scrutiny from the council, local traders, pedestrians and the media.

We were proud to employ several local tradesmen, and together with head contractor 2Construct, our team transformed the tired and fledgling main street into a vibrant, modern shopping precinct to adequately service a growing regional city.

0.4Elements Childcare Centre landscaping project in Torquay

Elements Childcare was built in 2017 to service the rapidly expanding outer suburbs and towns around Geelong.

A brand new development, King’s was responsible for building a creative, safe and educational outdoor space for the early learners.

We project-managed a tight schedule, working through the Christmas break to ensure that the outdoor space was fully functional in time for the new school year. Read More

Spanning over 740 square metres, the commercial landscaping project featured:

  • Synthetic lawn and soft-fall
  • A sandpit with large tee-pee over the top
  • A timber arbour with branches on the top for shade
  • All areas lined with tree stumps
  • Chicken run with shelters at either end
  • A hand pump for children to pump water and trickle back through a rock creek bed
  • Interchangeable walls for musical instruments and other tactile activities
  • A timber, double sided kitchen with oven slots
  • Veggie garden shelter.
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